Saturday, September 25, 2010

For the Love of Hutches

I really adore the look of a painted hutch, there's just something about them that make my heart skip a beat. It took me a LONG time to paint the hutch I already owned, but when I finally did, I think it turned out beautiful as you can see here. When I was searching for hutches to solve the storage problems in my house, I had every intention of painting them. The first hutch I found (on craigslist) was this one.

This hutch houses my Wizard of Oz Collection (well, most of it) and someday I'll get around to painting it a color that will help represent that. (whatever that may be) I then went out to search for an open hutch for the sunroom, well actually two, but one that I could paint yellow, bright cheery yellow. The next hutch I found (on craigslist) was this one.
It was larger than the one I had pictured in my mind to paint yellow but I thought it would get a color too. The following day, we went to another part of town to pick up another hutch from someone else on craigslist.
It was the perfect size for what I had in mind, but NOW the thing is...........Besides the knobs, it matches the Other one EXACTLY, just smaller. Now What? Do I really want two yellow hutches in the sunroom? At this point I'm thinking no. The colors in my home are reds, yellows, whites and blacks. I recently found some cushions for my wicker furniture that matched this scheme.
All except for the rocker which still holds the pinks and blues from my previous house when I used it on my large porch.
And as you can see, the floor in this room is still blue and that might be throwing me off some. Hmm, wonder if I should just refinish the floors before deciding on hutch colors?
Oh, and did I mention my naked desk is also in this room?
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