Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Front Porch 2013

So yes, I'm aware that Halloween is tomorrow and I'm just now getting around to this, but I've been busy!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Inside the Wizard of Oz Hutches

Inside the Red Hutch

A closer look

Emerald City Hutch

And last but not least,  the Emerald City Cat Box

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Wizard has moved

I seem to have run out of space for my Wizard of Oz collection and needed a new display for them. So the next logical step would be to change the room in which I house them in entirely, right? Well, it is in my head. So here is a small tour of my guest room where the collection has moved to! It's not complete yet, I am currently looking for a poppy bedspread because they make you sleepy, right? Something like this

 I couldn't wait to share though! Hubby made the headboard so as not to interfere with my curtains, because I hate curtain interference.

This is the old hutch we made, well, he made and I painted
This is the new hutch I painted
Corner by the closet
Other side of closet

Cat bathroom and people bathroom door

And yep, I'm out of room again. PS If anyone has any ideas about those horrible glass doors on the closet, I'm all ears!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Completed Laundry/Dining Room "Tour"

We moved in this house around August 2010. Finally, 3 years later, we got around to tearing down the walls in the laundry room to add insulation. Wow, what a mess! Not sure when this room was added on or worked on after but the walls were very random. I believe this room was a porch at one point and then enclosed. The ceiling is slanted which wasn't easy for a novice to work with, but to make it worse, the floor is uneven and the door frame is kinda cock-eyed.

But, we finally did it, well mostly. The door still needs some tweaking, but that will be saved for another day, the wind doesn't blow in the room and I'm happy about just that. There were boards and pieces of boards nailed into the 2x4s.
There was also plenty of nests inside the walls where parts were not sealed.
The weights, ropes and pulleys were dusty but in good shape.
But blah blah blah, we finished! I love the stripes behind the washer/dryer, don't you?
My laundry basket used to be my now wall color so it had to be painted too, looks great yellow, right?
No real decor in here when I took pics, but here is the dining room side
The dog door is on the east side of the house now, MUCH better.
I even created and hung a new light fixture.

So that completes the tour of my Laundry/Dining Room, next up is the Guest Room and the Wizard will have a new home!

Oh! I almost forgot, and people always ask,  my "blue" for my room is by Valspar (the only paint I use) and it's called Aqua Dance.