Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Red Living Room

So it was mentioned to me (thanks Nancy) that I forgot to mention that one day I couldn't stand my living room being the color it was anymore, so when my husband went to work, I painted it..........RED! So without further ado, here it is.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our banking secrets revealed

There have been two occasions that someone has stolen our debit card numbers and charged some things to us. Of course after they were found to be fraudulent charges we were reimbursed along with any charges incurred with it, but it's still such a pain to be without your debit card while waiting on a new one.

The first time it happened it was my debit card. Someone had charged some sports things and hubby got all excited, lol. But it's a good thing he asked because it wasn't me buying anything. We went to the bank and opened two more checking accounts.

Our first checking account is our main checking account and it's a free account. Any auto pay bills use the checking account number and not our associated debit cards for that account.

The second checking account we call savings even though our real savings account is at a different bank entirely. (Harder to spend it that way!) We transfer money from our main account into this one when we want to save for a large purchase. When we are ready to make the purchase, we transfer it back to the main account since we don't keep checks or debit cards for this account. I can transfer money back and forth all I want without penalty since it is technically a free checking account.

The third checking account if for internet purchases. There is generally just a penny in this account although sometimes it varies, but always under 50 cents. When we want to buy something on the internet, we transfer the money to this account and use the debit card associated with this account. Super easy! And again, no penalty since it is a free checking account with no transfer limits. It doesn't matter if anyone DOES get this account number because there is never anything in it to spend.

The second time a card was stolen, it was his. He rented a u-haul trailer online and forgot the system. In this case, someone actually made a COPY of the card and used it at a Family Dollar store in another state to buy a gift card for $202.00. Please remember that when you are out doing your holiday shopping this year and someone asks to see your ID, say THANK YOU!!!!
BTW, I just don't let him spend money on the internet any longer! haha

The ever changing table

So one day I was out at a thrift store and found this little table and chair set for $19.99 and it came home with me.

Chuck sanded the ugly textured I have no idea green off of it and painted it to match the rest of the table.
Now that I look back at these pictures, it's funny to see my ladder back chairs blue when now they have been red for so long! Anyway, when we lived in this house I had a formal dining room and a kitchen nook so I had plenty of room. Now that we bought the big yellow house, I have no dining room at all and a small kitchen but I can't seem to give up either table. So the enclosed porch back room has become the laundry room on one side and dining room on the other side.
And this little table has recently taken up residence in my kitchen since I can leave the sides down for room if I want or put them up for more than 2 people to sit at if needed, although the chairs have been stored away.
And yes, it did turn black for a while. It was chalkboard. I thought it would be a fun homework table while I was watching my nephews. But since they have now gone, it was time for yet another change. It took a LOT of work for Chuck to get the paint off, but he finally did it and the end result is beautiful.

I may be a little spoiled, but that's ok

I had a coupon for 25% off my entire purchase from Michaels so we drove across town to one further away to check out their Halloween clearance section for more wizard of oz items since we already checked our local store. I found a few things I didn't own and got them for 59 cents each plus the 25% off!
WeGlow International The Wizard of Oz Pom Characters Activity Kit (Makes 3) sells for $19.99 on Amazon!?

WeGlow International The Wizard of Oz Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow Foam and Felt Kit sells for $12.99 on Amazon. I now own the scarecrow and Dorothy. WeGlow International The Wizard of Oz Over The Rainbow Color-In Wood Kits (2 kits) sell for $15.99. I'm very thankful not to have paid these prices.

So while we were out there at Zona Rosa, we walked over to Barnes and Noble and I found these Wizard of Oz Dorothy Pen & Bookmark Set and Wizard of Oz Glinda Pen and bookmark Set and I bought the last 2! These are what I was most excited about!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Guess what I found and where?

We stopped to buy closet hooks today, guess what else I found at Lowe's?

Wizard of Oz Multicolor Shatterproof Clip-On Wizard of Oz Ornament

Of course I bought all four!