Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Advice?

When we bought the big yellow house, we named all the rooms according to color. The brown room, the mustard room, the ketchup room and so forth. Right now I'd like to talk about the blue room aka the sun room. The ceiling and floor were all blue when we moved in. It was actually the first room I painted and I painted the walls and ceiling white.

That just left a blue floor. Undecided at this point what to do with it (refinish, replace or paint) I just left it as is.

It was the first room to have anything in it. I've wanted a sun room forEVER and I was excited!

I loved the red in there, but it was a little more formal than I was going for in there, so I hung up some white sheer curtains. So much better, except for that blue floor!

I still wanted red, so I got some new cushions for the furniture.

Better, but yeah, that floor is still blue.
So I finally decided to paint the floor..............RED!

That was trial red, it's not the final red. That's a long story and another blog in itself. But isn't it fabulous!?

So the question on the table today is, what to do with the hutch and desk that will go back in there? Leave them their original color of wood? Paint them? Can you have too much white furniture? What other color could they be?

Transformation Thursday
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why are there two?

Because I'm worth more than one
He also added in that I'm actually worth more than two, but I might kill him if he bought anymore.

And aren't they perfect sitting there? 
Let's take another look from the front door...

And if we step a little closer to the sun room...

See what I mean? Perfect!
I think I should have roses all the time

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Sewing Box

There is a place in an old WalMart in a town close to here that is now a flea market. We went a couple of weekends ago to visit it for the second time. The first experience there was not a pleasant one. It is very unorganized and some booths look like they brought their stuff in with a wheelbarrow and just dumped it and walked off! But this time *sigh*, this time I found loads of goodies although I didn't buy them all (not yet anyway). One of my favorite things I found was a sewing box that now sits on my hutch in the sun room.
 The lid opens up to hold all the thread

 She is holding a thimble, and those are straight pins in the "flower bed"
It has a drawer on each side to hold more what nots and the sidewalk she stands on slides out to reveal a tape measure. Yes, I know I don't sew, but it's too cute not to have!

I also found two more ugly girls. I don't know why I'm attracted to these things, but since I am I bought them.
 That one is new
 And that one is new
 I used to have 2 of these, but a friend needed one so off it went!
And this one I've had the longest. Aren't they cute? Errrr, ugly?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

As you may remember, a little group of Christmas Caroler's stopped by the Big Yellow House over Christmas and sang to me. I was very touched by this. I had no idea they were coming and wasn't prepared at all to offer them any hot cocoa or even a cookie :(

So instead, I thought why not go visit them today and ask them all to be my valentine? I didn't want to do the usual cookies or cupcakes and I had saved a fabulous baking site called bakerella and went there for ideas. I found some yummy looking red velvet cake balls there and thought I would make my own valentine version of them. Problem was, I waited to late and NO ONE had any red velvet cake mixes left! Oh well, strawberry is a valentine color so I just bought that! hmph

I had envisioned little red hearts on the sticks, but quickly nixed that idea and moved onto cute little kid boxed valentines, but wouldn't you know it? They were out of those too! So I found these adorable little hearts (25 for $1 at the Dollar Tree) and used those instead. I'm very happy with the way they turned out! Don't they look yummy?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Valentine's Day Cards

I hadn't planned on making valentine's day cards. Her mom had already got her some spongebob ones for school. But I saw the Cutest little DIY cards and HAD to make just a few. I was reading someone's blog (don't remember whose) But I do know it led me over to 24-7-365 who made them.

Since we weren't REALLY making them, we didn't do to much to prepare, just wanted to see if I could, yanno? So I took the picture....

Headed over to Picnik and added some cutesy.......
Sent it over to Wal Mart for printing, bought some dum dums while I was there, came home, cut a slit in the top of the hand and another in the bottom, and inserted the sucker.

Doesn't it look great? People who have seen it have to do that double take thing because it looks like she is really jumping out of that picture and handing you a sucker!

I love this idea. Someone else who reads another social network I'm on thought he might try it with himself and instead of a sucker.......use a bud. How sweet is that?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

All Because of Valentine's Day

I had a few snow things I left out after Christmas to decorate the mantle and house with. But since Valentine's Day was nearing, I thought I would put those away and put up something "lovey". I started with my side table, I found several things and added a couple of new things and was "ok" with how it looked.

New ribbons on the candles.........

Kisses in the champagne glasses.......

Red bottles that I've been collecting.........

And some rose soap petals wrapped in red fuzzy goodness.......

Then I moved onto the mantle. I put things on it, moved them around, took them off, put more things on it, moved them, and repeat over and over till frustrated. I gave up on valentines on the mantle and decided to do something else. I had 2 ivy plants that were on top of a hutch in the sun room. They were hard to reach for me to water. Since I needed height on the mantle, I decided to use those and like how it turned out.

It looks better in person because you can see the glow of the "fire" and it doesn't look as fake as it does in this picture. And yes, that is the weather on TV showing more snow coming *sigh*

But now, the top of my hutch in the sun room was mostly empty and I had to fix that. So I started taking my birdhouses out of the window sills and from under and on tables and put those on top. I really like how that turned out.

I had planned on sharing more of my hutch, but after looking at how long this post is now, I think I'll save it for another day. I can't wait to show you my new sewing box, do you see it in the picture?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

If you complain........they will come

Oh so long ago, before Christmas......I posted the last of my bathroom updates here and made ya'll promise not to look at my mismatch of towels. ME purchasing towels was not in my immediate future, but luckily for me, my family reads my blog!

See how everything is matchy-matchy now? My mommy got the huge bath sheets you see hanging on the his and her hooks and the black and white towels on the bottom shelf (I had the red). My sister-in-law got me (us) the bath towels on the middle shelves along with the black and white washcloths and hand towels (again, I had the red). Aren't they fabulous?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A New Tea Kettle

Last weekend, hubby and I set out to hit a few thrift stores and go out to dinner. We only had one thing in mind that we wanted.......a phone. It doesn't have to "really" be old, just as long as it looks that way. We didn't find one, but there are oh so many weekends left to look. What we did find was this fabulous tea kettle. It looks so perfect sitting on the stove with the sunlight streaming in, doesn't it?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emma Gertrude (Hall) Higgenbotham

We visited one of our favorite thrift stores yesterday and stumbled upon an old bible that had Gertrude Higgenbotham engraved on it. Next to it was another bible, and inside it it says

Presented to
Emma Gertrude Hall
July 28, 1943
Princeton, W. Va


I thought it was a cool old bible so I picked it up. As we wondered around the store over by the frames and pictures, we found a painting and when I checked for an artists name, It said Gertie 1982. I quickly flipped it over to see it was by Gertie Higginbotham. Both the Bible and the painting, now live with us.

The lady that runs the thrift store said they buy out a lot of estates. I checked the obituaries when I got home as well as just googled her name. There is no obituary for her. But I did come up with a Gertrude Higginbotham in Raytown, MO who is 90 years old.

I'm now thinking she may be in a nursing home and her things were sold? Now I'm left to wonder if family sold it, and if they did, why would they get rid of these personal things. At least the bible anyway. And how would I ever find out?