Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Emma Gertrude (Hall) Higgenbotham

We visited one of our favorite thrift stores yesterday and stumbled upon an old bible that had Gertrude Higgenbotham engraved on it. Next to it was another bible, and inside it it says

Presented to
Emma Gertrude Hall
July 28, 1943
Princeton, W. Va


I thought it was a cool old bible so I picked it up. As we wondered around the store over by the frames and pictures, we found a painting and when I checked for an artists name, It said Gertie 1982. I quickly flipped it over to see it was by Gertie Higginbotham. Both the Bible and the painting, now live with us.

The lady that runs the thrift store said they buy out a lot of estates. I checked the obituaries when I got home as well as just googled her name. There is no obituary for her. But I did come up with a Gertrude Higginbotham in Raytown, MO who is 90 years old.

I'm now thinking she may be in a nursing home and her things were sold? Now I'm left to wonder if family sold it, and if they did, why would they get rid of these personal things. At least the bible anyway. And how would I ever find out?
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