Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Valentine's Day Cards

I hadn't planned on making valentine's day cards. Her mom had already got her some spongebob ones for school. But I saw the Cutest little DIY cards and HAD to make just a few. I was reading someone's blog (don't remember whose) But I do know it led me over to 24-7-365 who made them.

Since we weren't REALLY making them, we didn't do to much to prepare, just wanted to see if I could, yanno? So I took the picture....

Headed over to Picnik and added some cutesy.......
Sent it over to Wal Mart for printing, bought some dum dums while I was there, came home, cut a slit in the top of the hand and another in the bottom, and inserted the sucker.

Doesn't it look great? People who have seen it have to do that double take thing because it looks like she is really jumping out of that picture and handing you a sucker!

I love this idea. Someone else who reads another social network I'm on thought he might try it with himself and instead of a sucker.......use a bud. How sweet is that?
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