Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Little Advice?

When we bought the big yellow house, we named all the rooms according to color. The brown room, the mustard room, the ketchup room and so forth. Right now I'd like to talk about the blue room aka the sun room. The ceiling and floor were all blue when we moved in. It was actually the first room I painted and I painted the walls and ceiling white.

That just left a blue floor. Undecided at this point what to do with it (refinish, replace or paint) I just left it as is.

It was the first room to have anything in it. I've wanted a sun room forEVER and I was excited!

I loved the red in there, but it was a little more formal than I was going for in there, so I hung up some white sheer curtains. So much better, except for that blue floor!

I still wanted red, so I got some new cushions for the furniture.

Better, but yeah, that floor is still blue.
So I finally decided to paint the floor..............RED!

That was trial red, it's not the final red. That's a long story and another blog in itself. But isn't it fabulous!?

So the question on the table today is, what to do with the hutch and desk that will go back in there? Leave them their original color of wood? Paint them? Can you have too much white furniture? What other color could they be?

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