Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Look what I found!

Last Friday, we went out shopping at our favorite thrift store and stumbled upon this gem! Isn't she beautiful? And I even got it for the low down super price of $34.96! It was so strange to find this when I had just looked at one like this on craigslist that was selling for $150.00. The stamp on the bottom is kinda hard to read but it was made by Barnard and Cope Furniture. The only thing I could find on them so far is that they were established in 1871. So many possibilities with this, but I was told (ordered) by my Mom not to touch it (ie: paint) until we could date it and appraise it.

We got a bunch of other goodies there too, as always.

I've been searching for a mirror like that for a while now for my water closet at a decent price, and this one was more than decent, only $2.98!

As we were leaving, I saw someone donating a love seat that I wanted super bad, and if the manager wasn't out there, I would have asked for it. It looks something like this, but smaller.

It's even greenish in color like that (although that will have to change). We went back to that thrift store on Monday and it was nowhere in sight *sigh*. But as fate would have it, we walked outside and around back to hit up the dollar tree while we were there, and there it was! It had a stain on the cushion so they were throwing it away *gasp*. So I ended up getting it for FREE (my favorite price) It's now home with me :)
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