Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The New Old Loveseat

I mentioned it over HERE when I found that fabulous vanity/dressing table/dresser for next to nothing. And I finally got around to taking pictures of it and cleaning it. If you remember, the price on this beauty was FREE. This was after we finally brought it inside. See the yuckiness on the cushions?
Isn't it beautiful though? I've tried to date it but there are no tags or distinguishable markings on it at all. This is after I poured hydrogen peroxide on it to kill whatever that might be on the cushions.
And this was after the cleaning, most of it came out, BUT, it still needs recovered and as you can see it does NOT match my room at all!

The thing is.........I've never reupholstered anything before and I'm so afraid of messing it up! I found someone's blog that had a step by step (I'll have to "find" it again) (aha, found it HERE)and it didn't look TOO horribly hard, but I'm still afraid. I've already picked the fabric (red and it's gorgeous) so that's not the problem. Maybe it's because I don't sew? I suppose it doesn't need much for sewing and  I MIGHT have someone that just might maybe help out with the sewing of the cushion covers. The (ugly) chair in the living room needs a lot of sewing done for it though and I just can't bring myself to pay someone $564 (that's the estimate) to do it for me. The chair and ottoman is super comfy though. It's affectionately (or not) known as the poker chair.

And it doesn't match a thing.

If ANYONE has any helpful hints, PLEASE let me know! :)
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