Monday, November 1, 2010

Small Projects

This is the before picture of an iron clock we found at a thrift store for $2. There was a huge tag on the back that said "Does NOT work". Even upon purchasing it, we were warned again that it didn't work, lol. I added a little black glaze, and 2 clock kits later (the first one didn't work *sigh*) It is now a finished project. Well almost........the hands don't stand out so well and I haven't decided on a color for them.
And better late than never, right? There was not an address marker on the house when we bought it. It's not really TOO important since our mail goes to a PO Box and people around here don't use the numbers either. "Where do you live?" "Big Yellow House" "Oh yeah" or "How do I find your house?" " "Look for the big yellow house". But I wanted something for the occasional times that UPS drops off a package here instead of at the post office. I decided to get seasonal with it and finally finished my fall marker yesterday.
The hubby is off work for a broken foot, so we've been getting out of the house here and there (you can only work so much, right?) and visiting thrift stores and such. We found a fabulous egg basket the other day for only $1 and I knew right where it would go.

I love the way it looks up there and better than the bare bulb! I recently changed out the curtain in the window too. I love the light that comes in now, but something is off. I think it's the curtain rod, I'll be looking for something better later.

I talked about painting a chalkboard on the pantry doors in the kitchen HERE. I finally got that done, found some chalk, but can't find an eraser, hmmm.

I had seen some outdoor hanging jar lights somewhere........and since I have an abundance of them, I thought I would try it too.

There have been a couple of larger things done I'll get around to talking about someday. But the list of unfinished projects seems to be larger than ever! I so need a system before my house fills up with family for Thanksgiving!


We went to another thrift store yesterday (surprise, surprise) And I found 2 more egg baskets for 75 cents each! I bought them both. I decided I liked the kitchen light so much, I added one in the laundry AFTER it got a nice coat of red on it that is. The other one is hanging on a hook, waiting for duty or repurposing somewhere.

Oh, I also got that curtain rod for the kitchen I wanted for $1!! I so love a bargain and people who give away perfectly good items!

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