Friday, November 12, 2010

The bathroom is finally finished (I think)

I talked about my bathroom a while back here, and while pleased with the progress, it wasn't all there yet. I knew I needed something to house towels in the bathroom, but due to limited space, I was never sure what that would be. I always carry around my handy dandy list of measurements of nearly EVERYTHING in my house and luckily I had it with me last week.
I saw this shelf, actually there were two of them, and it looked like the perfect size. Since he now carries around a tape measure everywhere we go, we measured and it was perfect. I saw it was only $3.98 and it was going home with me. My daughter was with us that day and I knew she needed a shelf for her bedroom. I asked her if she wanted the other one. She kinda sneered her nose so I said "It's $3.98" and her eyes lit up and she says "OH! Well let me look" (Wonder where she gets THAT from?) Yep, that one went home with me too on the condition I paint it for her.
See? It fits perfectly over there! I painted it the same gloss valspar black as the vanity. I'll show you a close up if you promise not to look at my mismatch of towels.
Well shoot, the picture is fuzzy. But trust me, it's beautiful! I also picked up a door knocker for the bathroom last week. And with a quick coat of spray paint (black, of course) It is now my hand towel holder. The first picture is right after painting, and the second after we (he) hung it up.

I got the towel hooks hung up also.

The last thing to go in was the light bar. I so hated the light bar that was there. It was too small for the space and didn't match a thing in there.

So we went out and bought a chandelier
Disassembled it, and used the light parts to build a new and better light bar that fits perfectly in there!

I love it every time I walk in there now! But does anyone know how to get the cat to stop throwing cotton balls all over the place?

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