Sunday, November 14, 2010

The New Chandy

This is the chandy that was previously in my entry hall. One of the previous owners claimed they bought it from an antique store. And while it is a great light, I thought it was way too small for my entry hall, and one of the lights didn't even work.
 I can't remember the square footage of my entry hall, but I do remember it is much larger than my kitchen.

This is the one we bought at ReStore for the bargain price of $25! It is HUGE! And it is also very heavy. I'm so not a fan of gold or brass and had design to paint it. But since I haven't figured out the other colors in there yet (more on that later), it got hung as is for now.
The old one came down, but since they didn't hang it from a stud (ugh) we (he) had to make a bigger hole since the new one was much heavier.
We had company, they (he) helped. They reinforced it.
And then it got hung up and they called us women folk into the entry hall to check it out. They thought it would be funny to hang it "my size" so I could easily change the bulbs. Mr. Company is demonstrating the shortness of it all. HA!
Back to works! But Oh Em Gee it's bright! You think 40 watt was a bit too much? LOL I can now operate in that room! We still had the business of the new hole in the ceiling though and without a cover around, we needed something quick! Mrs. Company (knowing my love of repurposing AND spray painting) suggested a paper plate! Genius!
I thought about NOT sharing that part, but really, in a pinch? That is genius! No one even knows what it is all hung up there pretty like.

See? And it looks oh so fabulous in there! We are thinking of getting a dimmer switch to tone it down a bit because I'm thinking even the 20 watt bulbs are going to be a bit much if you aren't operating!
Back to the business of color.......See that floor? It's fabric. I guess back in the day some of the more affluent people covered their floors in fabric to prevent drafts. They just painted them, saturate them is the instruction I got from a previous owner that recreated this look. It's currently caramel color.
The walls are kind of a sunny yellow color. It is NOT what I wanted but I was frustrated and moved on to another project at this point. You can see what I was wanting HERE.
My house consist mostly of the colors in this pitcher. The entry hall leads into this sun room whose floor is another problem child of mine. WHY PAINT WOOD FLOORS? *ugh*
This is actually the way the sun room looks now. But anyway...........if anyone has any advice or suggestions on what to do with these two floors, painting or otherwise, please feel free to chime in!
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