Monday, April 11, 2011

Building a New Light Fixture

I don't seem to like light fixtures I find in stores. They just don't do it for me (well, sometimes, but not usually) So we've taken to making our own like this one in the bathroom.
Or the covers in the laundry room and kitchen.
I have SO hated the light fixture in the kitchen ever since we moved in. It was ugly and didn't provide any light in the kitchen.

I've looked and looked for something to replace it with and couldn't find anything. Until one day we were wandering around in the thrift store and found this pot rack.
We didn't buy it right away. We actually left and went to ReStore to look around. I found one of those lights that's glass with brass trim and lights hanging under it, you know, like the ones that hang over pool tables? Well, I hated the brass (of course) but had a vision when I saw the lights under them.  So I used my gift certificate that I won and bought it and the next day went back to the thrift store and picked up this pot rack for $35. The next stop was to Home Depot for some paint, spray paint! I was so excited about getting it started I didn't get a shot of the brass chandelier in tact, but kinda close. Just picture the light kit under the dome.

You can see that I already have the working parts covered with foil (so easy to apply and REMOVE) so I can get to painting!

The paint was such a close match on the pot rack it was hard to tell what was painted and what wasn't! I wish I could tell you the color but I just don't remember right now. But I can tell you it's gorgeous in the kitchen!

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