Friday, July 1, 2011

The Little Kitchen

Last April was big trash pick up week in a town near us. Read that as FREE garage sale week for me. We picked up several items you can see here. I finally finished and photographed one of those finds I did for my granddaughter.

 You can see it was covered in stickers, crayons, markers, and it was dirty!
I scraped off all the stickers and went to cleaning the crayons and markers. They wouldn't come off! So I thought I'd try a little oops, but ummm, oops, it took the original design off too. *sigh* Oh well, who needs a pink and blue and green kitchen anyway, right?
 So I went about painting the entire kitchen. I wasn't sure what to do about the "burners" but since I was out in the garage, I noticed one of those mosquito coil things and knew that would be perfect! I glued a cork on one side of it, dipped it in paint, and voila! New Burners!
I think she now has a kitchen any 2 year old would be proud to own, don't you?

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