Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Our adopted family has grown by three

In 2010 we adopted a cat named Freckles from Animals in Need Thrift Store. The owner, Al, used to have a successful business and decided he had enough money and opened his store to support the cats without keeping any compensation for himself. Freckles loves watching the birds outside the window.
And snuggling in laps
Watching TV
And trying to blend in with the scenery when she is caught where she isn't supposed to be
In 2011 we adopted Hannah. We saw an advertisement for a dog in the grocery store on the bulletin board and called. A lady had been socializing with a dog in her neighbors field who had been tied up to a tree the entire first year of her life and had convinced the guy to get her a better home. She brought Hannah for a visit and ended up leaving her there with us. She sat in the car and cried before she pulled away. Happy tears. Hannah did not know how to be an inside dog but she was excited about having a dog door to go in and out of at her leisure. She really loves to smile.
 Even when she's sleeping
Speaking of sleeping, she likes to cuddle with the cats
Any of the cats
In 2012 we adopted 3 kittens from a shelter. We decided on kittens because we thought Freckles would adapt to them better. She didn't. But they don't bother her as much now as she used to. We adopted Bruce Chen.
 Itsy Bitsy (even though she's not itsy bitsy any more, lol)
And Pushy
They have always liked sleeping together and still do for the most part
 Bruce Chen enjoys paperwork
Itsy Bitsy enjoys going to the Vet
And Pushy likes getting into things
Then on February 8 and 9th of 2014, Hannah gave birth to 12 puppies after the neighbor dog chewed through our fence to get to her.
We ended up with three of them.
As you can see, we have a very full house now! But they all get along great, for the most part that is :)

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