Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lets start with baseboards

So traditionally "back in the day" as I always say, baseboards were called mop boards and were wide to prevent the mop from touching the walls. Now of course we don't really worry about that now, but I do like the look.

I don't remember if I saw it here first or on pinterest, but it is/was a fabulous idea! FAKE IT! We set off to gather supplies. First stop was a little place near here that sells Valspar since I refuse to visit Lowe's again. Second stop was Habitat for Humanity Restore to buy trim ($1 each piece). We also ended up buying 2 cabinet doors, 2 cabinet bases, a piece of plywood and a tabletop, but that's another project. (well, except the doors).

I painted the top trim.
I painted the existing bottom trim and a strip of white paint above it.
I used this handy dandy measuring device to measure the width.

I didn't get much help from the dogs who kept throwing things in the floor and ripping up the tape.
And of course laying in the way.
I then proceeded to paint the rest of the walls. It's a blue neutral called Deep River Green.Isn't it gorgeous? And it only took me a year to pick it!
 This is what it looked like before, horrid isn't it? The walls matched the carpet!
We then started ripping up the carpet and padding. I would like to personally thank whoever secured the padding with 5 million staples, but since I don't know who that is, I'll say it here, good job guy!
It was now time to paint the 2 cabinet doors I got from Habitat for Humanity Restore KC.(Also $1 each)

Added a trim frame around the windows and added the cabinet doors underneath.
I then primed and painted between all of that.

So now we skip over the flooring (I'll tell you about that later) I painted the bottom piece of trim we also got from Habitat for Humanity KC and we added that as the final layer after installing the flooring.

Excuse the sideways picture ;)

Isn't it gorgeous? And how about that lovely view out the windows? LOL

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