Friday, August 19, 2011


Did you catch that brass and white ceiling fan up there? I have a very strong dislike for brass and eventually one way or another it all leaves my house. This brass is no exception.
 This is the new ceiling fan in the living room.  It's not the same one, but one we purchased at a garage sale for $3, with a brand new paint job. The globes are some I found lying around the house when we moved in. So much better than the tulips.Problem is, I can reach the switch without stretching (I'm 5'3). (Oh, and please excuse work attire and hair)
 And it's close to his head. Guess that pole was a little too long?
So we (he) had to steal the one out of the bedroom so we could use the short pole and then had to convert the one in the bedroom to a hugger.
And TaDa! Here it is in motion (well, stop motion once I clicked). The original fan in here also got a new paint job though and it will eventually find it's way into the guest room.
Speaking of the guest room, I can almost see the top of the bed again.
I can almost see the top of the table too. My house was covered in things from the project and things from the living room.
The kids used to be in black frames. These now are some I had lying around. I haven't decided if I like this or not yet. I also haven't decided if I like one color over the other. And I'm not sure if I used white if it would be too much white. The lampshade is also temporary.
I am happy with the way this corner turned out though. And yes, I'm aware I have spring and fall flowers on display, LOL. This weekend we will hopefully install the crown molding and trim around the fireplace to complete the room. I will probably never finish the details, I'm crazy like that.

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