Monday, August 1, 2011

I shouldn't have googled that

Just when I finally finally finally thought I had reached a decision, I googled. I shouldn't have done it, but I was searching for a word that wouldn't come to mind and instead found inspiration. More inspiration. I think I'm on inspiration overload. I was sitting here having a perfectly lovely day playing with Valspar's virtual painter thinking I only had one final decision to make and now *sigh* I don't know.

It actually all started with Pinterest, isn't that everyone's complaint lately? Well add me to the list. I might actually be on DIY overload there is so many good ideas over there all cram packed in one space for my visual inspiration! Anyway, it just happens to be the living room I'm working on. I've never really liked it, and I think the carpet matches the walls.

The other day (meaning anywhere from yesterday to 3 months ago) while playing on Valspar, I came across a color I thought I'd never use but it compliments the rug and couch perfectly and I fell in love with it. And yes it would make the ugly carpet look better but the other day while on Pinterest, I found a floor that called out to me.

It's from Quarry Orchard and they have a fabulous tutorial on how to make this floor........from PLYWOOD. Yep, plywood. After reading this tutorial and her hindsight, I'm more than ready to make this floor mine. We are going with wider planks so it doesn't look like we are trying to match any other floor in the house and are hoping for something like this.

So now those decisions are made and I've already decided to paint the ceiling fan a nice oil rubbed bronze, the only real question left was the ceiling. VAULTED was the word I couldn't think of. I googled ceilings and this is what I found.

Tissue paper what? Isn't it gorgeous? She has many more designs she's done on her blog, it's called The Magic Brush if you want to check it out. I had already decided I wanted molding.

And was only really trying to decide if I wanted to leave the entire ceiling white OR paint part of it the same color as the walls.

 All White
Not all White
 All White
Not all White

Don't you just love the color? Well I do. And what do you think about the ceiling? Should I stick with what I've decided or fancy it up some more? Or maybe I could save the tissue paper for the same ceiling I have in the kitchen with the wall color I hate so much? Hmmm, so many decisions. And if I decide for only color, should it be all white? Or half and half?

Oh, and excuse the mess, thank you :)
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