Thursday, September 1, 2011

I accidently bought a couch

It looks like this
(sigh, one of these days I'll clean off that coffee table before I take pics)
 We were really just killing time waiting on a store to open and thought we would wander around a thrift store. When we got there we discovered everything was half off. When we walked in the door, there she was, this couch. It was marked $100 so it was only $50. We sure didn't set out to buy a couch but it seemed that we must because our other couch looks like this.

The material is an exact match! So now, our living room looks like this

It wasn't easy getting to this either. We moved those couches in several positions AND rooms before we landed here. So this now means I have a recliner and a cush chair and ottoman hanging out in my bedroom looking for a new home since they no longer fit in here. We only kept the huge white chair I fell in love with in here.

I also added a couple of other chairs but only because while we were moving that couch all over the place, I had to move those chairs out of the way and I kinda liked where they were so I left them.

One of these days I'll realize I have to remove some furniture we already own before buying more.

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