Monday, September 5, 2011

The Lampshade

Last Christmas I made (re-did) some lamps for my daughter that started out as a horrid yellow color. I painted the base a brown color and added some brown trim along the top and bottom of the lampshade. Then she got a new couch which was red and some new coffee tables that were black and glass. Yep, time to redo the lamps.

I quickly painted the bases a black with little flecks of gold in it. I then removed the trim on the shades, uh oh, the glue left an ugly color on the shades. *sigh* Well I read about someone painting their shades once so I decided to paint the shades first and then add some new trim. I picked out an ivory color and went to town. I finished up a second coat and left them out to dry.

Uh Oh again, it rained, no, it poured that night and I forgot all about them. They now had some lovely water stains on them and were basically ruined. I was all about ready to throw them out when I decided to keep them to play around with. My intention was to remove the shade and keep the wire and play with some ribbon or something, until one morning I was digging around the craft room and saw the Mod Podge. !!!

I then dug out an old dictionary I used for making Christmas tags with and started ripping out pages. I then put them on the shade and liked it! I thought it was still missing something though.

Danglies! My first attempt at attaching them was with Gorilla Glue, take it from me DON'T DO THAT! The second shade was much better with my handy dandy glue gun. I really liked them at this point but they still seemed short of being finished.

The only black ribbon I had in the house was currently tied around some candle sticks and since I was anxious to have some, I stole it! I then had to iron the wrinkles out before using though.

Yes! I love them, what do you think? Ok technically they still belong to my daughter and I'm still waiting on her to look at them to see if she wants them or not. If she doesn't though, I'll get her new ones and use these myself! :)

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