Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confession Time Again

I'm not the neatest painter in the world. Sometimes I get lost in the project and ignore everything else, like what I'm touching, walking in, etc. Let's just paint, right!? Latex isn't so bad, it washes right off with soap and water and a little scrubbing. Oil, well, that's another story. I've actually shown people my paint colors by showing them my arm. Recently I was working on some lampshades and had gorilla glue all over my hands. It was horrible! I tried everything I had to get it off and nothing seemed to help until I tried this.

This is the pumice sponge that I use on my feet since I am barefoot 99% of the time. But it worked wonderful on removing the glue!
Recently, I've been painting this red which is an oil. My hands were still raw and sore from the chemicals I had put on them trying to remove the glue so I thought, why not try the sponge again?
Wonderful! You can see the bits of white and red paint on the sponge. If I keep this up I'm going to have the smoothest, shiniest hands in town.

My second confession is that sometimes after a full day of projects, I'm a little lax about dishes. Ok, I'm downright lazy about it! This was true the other day and dishes sat in the sink overnight without even a rinse! Gasp!
I had just the day before ran an empty cycle with this. Yep, koolaid! Supposedly the citrus in the lemonade flavor super cleans the dishwasher and for only 10 cents versus around $4 for the commercial cleaner, I thought why not?
My dishwasher isn't the newest on the block. (2 choices for washing, really?) It was here when we moved in and we have yet to get another one. But it works (probably not as efficient as a newer model though) so we go with it.

Anyhoo, I packed those dirty yucky dishes in that dishwasher, turned it on and went shopping. When I came home, they were so super clean! I have had instances before where I had done that pre kool-aid cleaning and had to take dishes out and scrub them and put them back in. But not this time, the kool-aid worked!

So do you have any confessions that maybe you learned something from?
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