Monday, September 19, 2011

We got a new door, well, kinda

When we first moved into the Big Yellow House, the neighbor across the street said he saved the front door that came off this house and asked if we wanted it.........of course we did! After last winter, the plan was to put it on as the front door since the front door was mostly glass and move the front door to the side since the front is north, brrrr.

But then since we caulked and winterized more and realized (and this is the big one) that we'd have to carry around the skeleton keys to lock the door we use the most (side door) from the inside AND out, we'd leave it and put the OTHER door we got from the neighbor on the side. Either way that side door had to go, it was just a boring, ugly door. Guess that explains why I don't have a picture of it, LOL.

So here is the new and improved inside view of my side door as they were putting it in, and messing up my new paint job I might add.

And here it is hung. It was white when we got it. I thought I might like a red front door, but since it didn't go on the front door, I decided I'd like it better white.

And I do! This was right after they hung the new screen door we got at ReStore KC for $15! It also needed painting though. Oh, and see those screws around the 2 frames? Those are for the inserts.

Yep, I still got my red! I read somewhere, maybe Pinterest, on how to clean screen doors but have yet to go and find it. What? I've been busy.

I had a little trouble staying in the lines, but I think it finally turned out ok!

Isn't it fabulous? AND, I'll still get some red on the front because this weekend we found a 105 year old screen door off a farmhouse on craigslist for the low down bargain price of $5! And even with all the horrible experiences many of us have had with craigslist, this lady held it for a week for me AND left it outside her garage for me to get since she wouldn't be home and told me to just leave the money under the front door mat, thanks Jane!


I can't wait to get it on the house! It also has a removable insert, but we don't have anything else to insert into it, LOL, so that part will have to wait till he builds me something.

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