Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The basement doors

....are in the floors of the sun room and the laundry room and are a P.A.I.N.

They just lay there, in the way, not doing much unless you need them. They also make it hard to do flooring.

The one in the laundry room is painted this ugly brown color.

We decided not to strip the floors at this time because there are several other things that need replacing under the floor. But since I needed a floor before hosting Thanksgiving, we (he) laid down the same stuff I used in the kitchen. It's waterproof and seemed like a perfect fit for a laundry room anyway. Btw....most people that come over can't even tell it's not real wood ;) So anyway......... I decided to paint it, but quickly changed my mind when I remembered I had black glaze.
This is after the first coat. You can see all the essential tools to the right of the door. I love the way it turned out besides it being darker than the flooring we put down. I imagine if I painted it a lighter color and then glazed it, I would probably get a better match. It takes up an entire length of wall.
My whole laundry/utility room looks so much larger now!

Ummm yeah, ignore the hanging laundry and my slippers drying on the chair.........It still needs some more organization, but I love the way it looks and feels in there now! My mom made me those curtains for the previous house I lived in. I don't have enough toppers, but luckily for me, she took a topper home to make me 2 more. Isn't she the bestest?

Because of the way this turned out, I'm almost tempted to paint the sunroom floor a light tannish color and glaze them too versus trying to strip them. *sigh* Is that lazy or what?
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