Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Quick Centerpiece

My daughter is hosting a Christmas "come and go" party next week. She thinks her house needs to be more Christmasy (she said I spoiled her by dressing up the house like the North Pole at Christmas time). I decided to bring her a nice centerpiece for her table. I saw someone talk about this on her blog. How her friend paid $25 for one and she made it up for less.  I can't remember who or her total cost, but I'm determined to find it!

We went to our favorite thrift store, even with everything in the store being 50% off the people there are always SO nice, and I put this together while we were in the store. The vase was $3.98 (and half off of that). All the Christmas bulbs together were $1.98 (and half off of that). She told me I could have the flowers if I wanted them :)  So the total cost? $2.98 (I'm so cheap and thrifty it hurts) After I made it, I got tons of compliments on the way to the front (and a roll of the eyes from the hubby)

When we left, we noticed another thrift store across the street, wait till you see what we found! I'm so excited about it and wish I had a picture to share now, but it's outside and it's too cold!

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