Friday, August 27, 2010

Frustration Sets In

I just couldn't bring myself to live with this mustard color. I understand where the previous owner was going with it, but it just wasn't for me. I know that back then, they used wall coverings, which is something else I can't live with. Oh sure, they are pretty, but if I ever change my mind, taking them off is horrible, especially in a room this size.

I decided to go with a paint technique called dragging to get the look I wanted, without the hassle. The hardest part would be picking out the paint colors. I think I've seen every paint sample in the greater kansas city area now. I finally picked out two I thought would work and set off to paint.
Covering the gold was not an easy task. Killz LIES when they say one coat guaranteed and they will be hearing from me later :) So after two coats of killz, it was time for the base color. We've been calling it yellow, but it's actually buff, it just looks yellow. After TWO coats of that up and down the ladder, it was finally time to get to the fun part, only, it wasn't so fun.

The first glaze I got looked orange on the walls. The second one looked green. The third one looked brown. They said it would turn out like I wanted, it didn't. Very frustrated at this point. I thought I'd mix my own. I did, but it was at this point I realized that my glaze would have looked better as the base and this yellow would look better as the glaze. So tired of painting the same room over and over and over. I just couldn't bring myself to coat this entire room again with a base coat.

This is the point I gave up. No, not forever, but for now. I simply do not have the time to keep playing with it at this point. I have too much else to do. So the room will remain this creamy yellow until some point in the future I think I can drag myself up and down the ladder again.
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