Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Great Hutch Debate

These are before and after shots of the one china hutch I currently own. This hutch and china were my Grandmas. I am not a fan of dark wood and finally took the leap to paint it and now only store my china in the top, and dining linens, etc in the bottom.

The big yellow house has exactly ONE closet on the lower level in the one true bedroom. The main bathroom currently has a small sink with a very small one door cabinet under it, and that's it. The kitchen also has very limited cabinet space, and even less now that we had to remove two of them to make room for a decent size refrigerator.

I know I plan on putting this hutch on the one empty wall in the kitchen since we no longer have a formal dining room. I'm hoping to maximize the space under the hutch to store additional small appliances.

I will still need somewhere to store towels and personal items in the bathroom, my wizard of oz collection, other linens and what nots will also need a space. I think hutches are the perfect solution so I don't disturb the history of the house, but how many is too many?

My husband is now afraid we are going to end up with wall to wall hutches......
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