Thursday, August 19, 2010

To Paint or Not to Paint?

We have so much to take care of in the new home, we really can't afford what we want for countertops anytime soon. We have decided we want dark countertops and leaning toward blackish of some sort. I've done some reading today and found that many people have successfully painted their countertops a variety of different ways.

The first solution I found was wallpaper. That's right, wallpaper. It's called paper illusion if you want to, check it out yourself. They have many examples of people using it on their walls, countertops and even their floors. Amazing stuff huh? They just don't have the color I want *sigh*

I've read about others using regular spray paint and most using some sort of textured spray paint, which was my first thought. Krylon makes a hammered black that I thought would look perfect on the countertops, they even have top coats to put over it.

Then I found a product made by RustOleum especially made for painting countertops with. It comes in SIXTEEN different colors! I actually found someone in the paint department at Sutherlands who actually used it himself 3 months ago and says it's holding up very well.

Hmm, so many decisions.

Like my Granny always said, why couldn't we be born rich instead of so beautiful? Then I could just go out and buy some.
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