Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Week!

Twice a year, a neighboring town has "Big Trash Pick Up Week", but I like to refer to it as Free Garage Sale Week.  People throw away the best stuff sometimes! This past April we picked up a few things ready to go

 Charcoal holder, FULL of Charcoal
 Ab machine. Guy said he found it in a house he was painting.
 Basket Hamper (aka cat food holder, hence the cat) with tags still on it!
 Quilt Rack
 Another Pot
 Wicker Chair
 Hammock (just needed the leaves wiped out of it)

We also picked up a few things that needed some work

 Play Kitchen
 Rocking Chair, perfect except for the seat cover. Temporarily I have covered it with an old tshirt I was getting rid of. RED
 Forgot to get a before picture, but it was a pink trash can. Now it holds dog food.
 Glider bench, needs sanded and painted.
 Wheelbarrow that just had a flat tire. It's now fixed.
 Vanity bench that just needed the legs tightened on it.
 Stool, need paint!
 An arbor. It's upside down in this picture and the roof is on the fencing.
 Two chairs, you can see where I started painting one of them in this picture.
Birdhouse post.

Soon I will be sharing what I've done with some of these things.
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