Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kitchen Confessions

The other day I went to the store for groceries. One of those items was a bottle of canola oil. The cabinet where it goes was so stuffed with other things it wouldn't fit. It sat on my counter for a week. I got tired of looking at it and before I knew it, I had rearranged the entire kitchen just to fit a bottle of oil in it. My husband states it's things like this is why he can never find anything. Hmm, maybe.

This is not the first time this has happened though. I haven't even lived here a year and I can't even begin to count the changes. For instance...

I think this was the first table to make it into the kitchen. It fit very nicely on that odd wall.
 Then I decided this table was too big for the laundry/dining room so I moved it to the kitchen.

I then moved the little table to the laundry/dining room. Looks cute, right?
Then I decided that I didn't like my desk in view of the front door since I umm "work" a lot in my jammies. So when I rearranged the sun room, I had a space to fill.
Hmm, well that looks nice too. But I was so tired of living with that blue floor so I had to paint it.

So out with the table again and it went back to the laundry/dining room aka back porch. Until one day we were out garage saleing and I found a couple of lovely pantries.

Ugly right? They were using them for garage storage. I had something much better in mind.

One fits very nicely on that odd wall in the kitchen, and the other "finishes" the back porch. And by turning the big table a different way, it fit much better in the space too. Although, I do miss having a table in the kitchen...................hmmmm

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